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faces (which would have page actions, faces messages, and perhaps engulf the current ui too)

Sounds good. We should impl page actions on top of JSF2 events I think. FacesMessages aren't needed as they are now stored in the flashscope by default.

Pete - We had talked about having the ui component being separate from seam core and not depend on it.  This would allow application to who are not using seam to take advantage of the ui component.  This came up a while back in a discussion about the RichFaces validation components and moving them to seam-ui.

Would this current approach satisfy that?

Yes. As I keep saying "there is no Seam core" in Seam 3 - all modules will *just* depend on any JSR-299 impl :-) But you are actually asking "Can the faces module degrade gracefully such that what can be used in a plain JSF2 environment - no 299 - works" I think?

I misspoke regarding seam-core :-(

I really mean depending on any other seam classes in other modules ( including 299).  If we are going to migrate some RichFaces components to seam-ui.  I just want to make sure we don't end up requiring users to include X # of seam modules, and/or 299.

iirc - I think we were discussing some of the bean validation code.  We should discuss other components as well.

Ok, well we can add extra rules to this module:

* no non-optional dependencies on other jars (must be self contained)
* bean validation must have no deps outside BV api

I think it would be sensible to add a short contract.txt to each module to include these requirements. Shane, could you add these?

I think that makes a lot of sense - I like the contract.txt!

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