I think the new style looks great!!

It really looks like a brand new document ;)

I tested out the code highlighting too - thats awesome.  A little tedious to go back and put it in - but awesome.


On Wed, Mar 19, 2008 at 12:40 PM, Pete Muir <pmuir@bleepbleep.org.uk> wrote:
Thanks to the hard work of Samson and Mark the new doc formats on the
Seam 2.0 branch are almost there.

Please checkout the Seam_2_0 branch from Seam svn
(https://svn.jboss.org/repos/seam/branches/Seam_2_0) and build the
docs using:

ant refdoc

The docs are built into doc/Seam_Reference_Guide/target/docbook/publish/en-US

The PDF, html and html_single have the SeamFramework.org style applied
(the html one uses graphics from SeamFramework.org, the pdf just the
font colours). Andy, James - I would appreciate your review of this as
I'm no graphic artist!

There is also code highlighting for XML and Java code (all the code
blocks need the role="JAVA" or role="XML" attributes applied to make
the highlight appear, so as you edit docs please add this).


* All the maven plugins need to be releases (they are all snapshot
currently), and I'll work with Mark on that over the next few days.
* The "callouts" are overflowing in the PDF version
* The "callouts" with code highlighting aren't placing the annotations
correctly in the HTML versions

Thanks again,


Pete Muir
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