the hot deployment support in Seam finds new compiled classes and reloads them. Using IntelliJ this currently requires that you press a key to 
compile the class to get it picked up before you can reload a page in the browser.

IntelliJ has an option to do resources deployment on frame deactivation (=switching to another program like the browser). For developers using IntelliJ it would be great to have not only the deploy resources on frame deactivation but to compile on frame deactivation. This would lead to a Seam development cycle like 'change Java code' -> go to Browser -> Reload page

I would appreciate if further IntelliJ users could vote for the issue.


The same applies to Tapestry as well and I mentioned it on their mailing list as well.

Best Regards / Viele Gre

Sebastian Hennebrueder

Java software developer and trainer for Hibernate and Java Persistence