As a SEAM user I can tell that I really don't like the current website.

Its hard to navigate, hard to find information, hard to keep track of my threads in the forum, timeout time is too short, and some other things.

If moving allows for a better experience, I'm all for it. But if we can improve the current web site in order to fix most of the issues that the community complains I'm also good with that.

If we keep on the current site, why not try to promote more actively that the community helps improving it? Put a link on the first page, pointing to the most urgent issues on the site. I would love to help, but to be honest I don't know where to start. I bet that there are more people in my position.

Anyway, keep up the great work :-)

By the way the performance in of the current website in Portugal is quite ok.

On Thu, Mar 18, 2010 at 10:39 PM, Arbi Sookazian <asookazian@gmail.com> wrote:
Ok, do that and then fix 150 or so JIRA issues to improve the existing sfwk.org for obvious reasons (some of which I've mentioned in this thread).  Is it worth the time to do all that?  Is it worth the time/effort to migrate to jboss.org?  I don't really know how long that takes but I'm hoping it is.

Currently on sfwk.org, there is lack of ability to edit posts, search functionality is poor (better to use google), attachments not supported, helpful/correct answer icons not supported, need I go on?  Yes, it's a Seam app but there are so many Seam example apps in the distro.  Oh and don't forget that sfwk.org would need to be upgraded to Seam3 and JBoss 6, no?

Undead horse.

On Thu, Mar 18, 2010 at 3:12 PM, Stuart Douglas <stuart@baileyroberts.com.au> wrote:
Perhaps a good place to start would be a seam 3 forum and and a 'Seam 3' entry on the side menu (like what was done for weld)?


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Hi Guys,

Honestly, either way this goes, I think that any changes on this should wait until Pete returns from vacation.   This is a major change for the project and one that the project lead needs to be part of.  I'm not aware of all the conversations related to this, so won't comment on the choices.

Pete will be back the first week in April, and since I don't think there is any critical need to make the move I have a suggestion.

If you need new wiki pages, create them in the sfwk.org<http://sfwk.org> wiki.  If you want keep them separate from other wiki pages ( tags, naming, links, whatever ) and self contained.  This way no one will be stopped from doing what they need to do, and either way the choice goes you will already have a head start.

The Seam 3 information does need updating, as I can attest with reviewing the current builds and pages, but lets start with this approach, and then work this out as a team when Pete returns.

My $.05,

On Thu, Mar 18, 2010 at 4:48 PM, Gavin King <gavin.king@gmail.com<mailto:gavin.king@gmail.com>> wrote:
Folks, I've listened to all the arguments. I really have. I'm not
going to re-argue the case here, since we would just be beating a dead
horse. And I've taken all these arguments into account in making the
decision that no, we are not going to use the jboss.org<http://jboss.org> infrastructure
instead of the purpose-built software that we created for our own
special requirements.

On Thu, Mar 18, 2010 at 4:33 PM, Lincoln Baxter, III
<lincolnbaxter@gmail.com<mailto:lincolnbaxter@gmail.com>> wrote:

> I can personally submit my frustration as a new module lead -
> seamframework.org<http://seamframework.org> is not enough to meet my needs in:
> Engaging the community - promoting the project.

How does the wiki software affect your ability to "engage the
community"? Actually, hibernate.org<http://hibernate.org> and seamframework.org<http://seamframework.org> have a much,
much better and deeper track record of community building and
community engagement than jboss.org<http://jboss.org>.

> Staying aware of what the community is doing, asking for, struggling with,
> talking about. I'm cut out completely on seamframework.org<http://seamframework.org>. I can't get
> email notifications,

Geez. Use the Atom feed like I do. It's much more convenient. Or spend
5 mins writing a little bit of code to extend the existing email
notification stuff in seam wiki. This is going to be way less work
than migrating content to a new infrastructure.

> I can't paste links to replies, other threads on the
> site itself, or URLs with query=parameters (without using the  plain text
> mode which is just terrible.)

Huh?! I post links to comments and threads all the time. It's totally trivial.

> Providing logically organized, clear, and navigable information. How can I
> establish the expectations and guidelines for development on these modules
> when I can't put that on a site that isn't confused with Seam 2 already?

This is not an issue of what software platform we run on. We can
install as many instances of Seam Wiki as we like. And I don't see why
we can't put legacy Seam2-related content in a different area of the
same site. That's just silly.

> These are just a few of the issues I've encountered - aside from the fact
> that the site is frequently down and is always semi-responsive (5-15s per
> request). It's struggling to keep up with our needs.

Funny, I have not seen it down any time in the past 2 years.
Responsiveness is perfectly fine for me, and can easily be improved by
moving it to a new box in the USA.

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