Module leads,

I'd like to propose that whenever you need to link to a Java EE API artifact, that you use the ones listed in the JBoss Java EE 6 spec bom [1]. The reason is that we have control over these API artifacts and thus can rely on them. As you may be aware, the Java EE 6 APIs are inconsistently published to the Maven repositories. It also makes it easy for us to align on the APIs we are using for compilation across modules.

Java EE 6 APIs should always be marked as provided, so there should be no affect on consumers of the Seam modules. Basically, it doesn't matter what we use, so we want to use the least painful option.

Here's an example of the JPA API:


The versions get inherited from the seam-bom.



Dan Allen
Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat | Author of Seam in Action
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