Realistically you probably have a couple more days before we sort out the Solder issues with Glassfish, I need to catch up with Dan first and find out what the current status is.  If you could get the API changes done before then, then great, otherwise we'll have to make them between betas.


On 21/01/11 23:09, Ken Finnigan wrote:
Hi Shane,

Seam International is waiting on a Solder release, and some other items that I'm currently working on.

There are some API changes coming, so would be great to get them in before the first Beta, but if that can't happen is everyone ok with me making the changes between Beta releases?


On Fri, Jan 21, 2011 at 5:42 AM, Shane Bryzak <> wrote:
Hey guys,

I'm going to start the wheels rolling on the beta release, though first
I need to know if all modules are ready to go.  If your module is in the
following list, can you please let me know if it's ready for inclusion
in the Seam beta:

Seam Catch
Seam International
Seam JMS
Seam Servlet

If you're still waiting for a Solder release, then the good news is you
have a little more time as we won't be packaging the beta until the
current Glassfish issues with Solder are resolved.  Either way, can you
please let me know the current status of your module.

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