This will get to Marek Novotny, but he'll definitely be the one to ask.

On Thu, Jul 11, 2013 at 8:43 AM, Scott Marlow <> wrote: is about a Javassist 3.18.0
signature change that broke Seam 2.x applications.

Could someone let me know if the Seam 2.x testsuite also hits the same
regression when using Javassist 3.18.0?

I'm trying to answer a related question about how we can tell if a
patched Javassist 3.15.x still works with Seam 2.x applications.  If
running the Seam 2.x testsuite hits the JASSIST-206, it might be good
for us to run the Seam 2.x testsuite after patching/upgrading Javassist.

Thanks for your advise.

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