Sanne Grinovero escribió:
2008/12/4 Gavin King <>:
Sometimes you need null values, sometimes you don't. Java should let
you declare whether a value accepts null as part of the type
declaration (i.e. @Nullable Foo foo), and non-nullable should be the
default. But Java doesn't have this facility, so we just have to live
with it.

A good practice should be to use "boolean" for not nullables (the primitive one)
as it can't be null; reserve the wrapper Boolean for values which can be null.
This has nothing to do with SQL of course ;-)

All right lets check the case of IsUserInRole.isUserInRole does it really make sense to answer to the question:
"Is user XXXX in role YYYYY?"  with a null? if we are not sure, shoulnt we default to "false" (or throw an exception?)