I just checked in the scaffolding for the servlet-booking example, a WAR which will target Tomcat and Jetty (and perhaps even JBoss AS once I get the profiles setup). In the process, I believe I solved the issue of binding the JCDI Manager to JNDI in Jetty. What's really strange though is that once I get the Manager, it doesn't find any beans on my classpath. But that might have to do with...

Jetty is still in a crippled state. First, JSF 2 does not appear fully on Jetty. If I use the @ManagedBean annotation, the bean cannot be found. If I used the @Named annotation, same thing. Both examples work unchanged on Tomcat. So I'm not sure yet. Going to contact the Mojarra team.

The scaffolding works beautifully on Tomcat. I'm going to working both the booking and servlet-booking projects as I fill out the functionality.


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