Hey Ondrej and Team,

Great job with all of the testing. Truly remarkable how much you found and pushed us all to improve the delivery!

Thank you,

2011/3/31 Dan Allen <dan.j.allen@gmail.com>
2011/3/31 Ondřej Skutka <oskutka@redhat.com>

QE team has finished testing Seam 3.0.0.Final!

What has been tested?

 - Unit tests for each module
 - Examples testing for JBoss 6.0.0 Final and Glassfish 3.1 with updated Weld
 - Simple cluster failover test
 - Ensure that the tagged version of a module is the same as the bundled jar (diffJars)
 - Verify that all dependencies are bundled in the dist zip
 - Documentation review
 - Searching for broken links
 - Simple GWT example
 - Forge

There are 35 Issues (so far) affecting Seam 3.0.0.Final [1]
1 blocker (has been already fixed in the zip, SEAM-69)
1 critical (also already fixed in the zip, SEAM-68)
17 major
12 minor
4 trivial

There are no unresolved blocker or critical bugs [2] and so the build can be released!

Yeah! Good work everyone!


Dan Allen
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