I agree - we should probably figure out a way to take them down (at least remove the "see seam in action" section), and maybe host some of the examples on the same server as seamframework.org.  The example that I wrote for 'Seam in Production" points to the hotel booking example there. 

I'm going to switch it to be the seamframework.org site itself - more impressive too ;)


On Mon, Feb 25, 2008 at 2:19 PM, Norman Richards <orb@nostacktrace.com> wrote:

On Feb 25, 2008, at 10:05 AM, Jay Balunas wrote:

> First - The seam examples that are linked off of seamframwork.org's
> "See Seam in Action..." section: where are they hosted?  where can I
> find more information on them (seam version?, persistence config?
> etc...)?  and how can we change/update them?
> The main reason I ask is because it appears the DVD example is
> having some sort of persistence config issue.  Selecting "Start
> Shopping" throws a JDBC error.  A user reported it, but I thought I
> remember Pete saying that those demos were a little out of date.
> Second - The user wanted to send me an email because he thought he
> saw a security issue (see below) where previous users information
> was displayed in one of the text fields.  I asked him to put a jira
> in and that we would look into it.  Does this sound familiar to
> anyone?

It is running on demo.jboss.com and needs to be taken down.    It's
running with other demos on an old version of JBoss.  We are not able
to upgrade the JBoss version for fear of messing up the other demos.
At one time we had access to the JBoss instance on that machine from
the demo account, but the last time I tried to administer it I found
the JBoss instance was running as root and we couldn't reset it.   IT,
as usual, was unresponsive.

We really need to remove the links to that demo machine.

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