This reminded me of a shortcoming in our current project site. Team members are listed on each individual module page, but we don't have a consolidated list of contributors on a single page. (It sure would be nice for this to be calculated automatically, but for now I suppose we can just do some copy-paste).

I've updated the Seam 3 home page to include the list of maintainers and contributors at the bottom. I put the overall project developers first, then module leads, then committers, then contributors, sorted by last name -- but don't read into the order that much.

I may have missed someone, so if you see an omission just let me know.


p.s. It's thrilling to see such a large and active team. We are glad to have everyone of you around. Many hands make light work!

On Thu, Feb 17, 2011 at 19:34, Shane Bryzak <> wrote:
All module leads,

Could you please send me a list of all the contributors, both past and
present who have contributed to your module.  This is required for the
bundled Seam documentation so that we can give credit to everyone who
helped develop Seam.

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