Good news, I restructured the booking example into a 3 module reactor project (ejb, war, ear) to build out an EAR deployable...and it actually deploys. So far, you can use the hotel search. PLEASE feel free to suggest refactorings. I'm just getting into the Web Beans programming model here.

The booking project lays down a standard for Seam 3 examples. I will of course port ideas back and forth between Seam and Web Beans as we learn more about Maven and how we want to set things up.

One of the minor, but nice advances I made is that I was able to use Maven project properties to minimize the repeated elements in each pom.xml. Just check it out to see what I am talking about.

Even cooler news was that I figured out how to build out an EAR for JBoss AS complete with the data source embedded within it. This simplifies the deployment, since you don't have to hang the -ds.xml file out adjacent to the deployable and it allows Maven to do all the work without any hacks. I even discovered that the jboss maven plugin does a pretty decent job of deploying to JBoss. It doesn't do an exploded archive yet, but for examples most people focus more on just a one-time deployment. I haven't plunged into Cargo yet. I might dabble in it later.

I ran into one hangup that caused me to lose a couple of hours. If you use the typical loader-repository setting in jboss-app.xml, it breaks injection in Web Beans. I don't really understand why, or why the loader-repository is really needed anymore, so I just made a note in the pom.xml not to use it.

Long story short, you can deploy booking. But you will need to have Web Beans and JSF 2 SVN deployed to JBoss AS 5. That's all for now ;)


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