On 14/10/2010 14:46, Dan Allen wrote:
On Thu, Oct 14, 2010 at 3:54 AM, Ken Finnigan <ken.finnigan@sorstech.com> wrote:

Have been able to find some time over the last week or so to work on getting the tests passing again.

Couple items on my todo:
- resolve jiras from alpha 1
- change setting of default locales and timezones to use Qualifiers and Injection, to support XML Virtual Producers or Producer within a Bean
- typesafe message definition and usage

I think this is the really crucial one since it's a major design change and it will drastically simplify the example snippets we are pushing out (making it really shine). 
- support for resources definitions in properties and database

I would agree.

I'd like to develop typesafe messages by examining what is the most appropriate way for an application developer to both define message keys and values, as well as how to use a message key to retrieve the value.

Any thoughts on how this should look would be greatly accepted.  I have some thoughts on this but welcome alternative views to assist in crystallising my own thoughts.