I had the same issue. What I ended up doing was creating/registering a custom Seam ExceptionHandler to catch ViewExpiredExceptions and redirecting to the page. The good thing is that the ViewExpiredException contains the View Id of the view that the user was trying to access, so you can just do a GET redirect to the page. The user will loose their inputed data, but at least the page will render correctly.

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Yeah, I guess I will have to write a work around for now, as a redirect with a message doesn't work either (although the pages.xml schema says it does), so once you log out and try to do a form post, seam throws the view state exception, however if you logout and then do a redirect it works fine, apart from the fact that I lose the message I pass on successful logout -- Almost as frustrating as seam mail!


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Hi All,

I'm new to the list...

Hash anyone noticed that the facelet parameter  BUILD_BEFORE_RESTORE breaks pageflow (as in, using a normal JSF form refuses to continue run the pageflow)? Once the parameter is removed from the web xml pageflow starts working again.

Yes, I did research into this setting and my conclusion was that you should not use it because it breaks things horribly. It's not just the pageflow it breaks. You get into hot water in other areas too (I'm not recalling exactly at the moment what it is). The approach in JSF 2 is much better and was designed for this setting, so basically don't use it in Facelets (the non-JSF 2 version).


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