On Tue, Sep 20, 2011 at 15:36, José Rodolfo Freitas <joserodolfo.freitas@gmail.com> wrote:
What I like most in CDI and Seam3 is that it's very easy to keep things simple and that's something I strongly advocate. 

Of course there're still boilerplate code, but I think it's minimal (compared to the JEE generations before), and that's something forge can create without the need to satisfy a "framework". Yes, I admitedly am afraid of that word.

That's fine, it doesn't have to be a framework. I do think there is room for having some common scaffolding, though. If we can do that by extending the programming model (annotations, generic beans or interfaces) so that it's declarative, that's probably ideal.

I suggest that we brainstorm proposals using gists (http://gist.github.com). That will get the ball rolling. We can start with the idea Jason posted, or feel free to take a different approach.


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