I'm pleased to announce that Brian Leathem [1] has stepped forward to take the module lead role for the Seam Faces module [2]. With Lincoln hard at work on Forge and a vast portion of my time dedicated to interfacing with the community, coordinating work across modules, and advocating for Seam, Seam Faces became somewhat neglected. Brian is one of the community members that brought this situation to our attention and we are glad that came forward with a solution in hand.

While we shouldn't be shy to explore integrations with other UI technologies, such as Wicket and Tapestry, JSF remains a critical part of the strategy of Seam because of it's popularity, ubiquity and large ecosystem. I'm hopeful that Brian will identify the areas where we can make JSF more palatable, robust and developer-friends. There are a lot of ideas to port from Seam 2 and new avenues to explore. Please help him by bringing ideas forward and sending pull requests [3] that turn them into them a reality.

I'd like to conclude by thanking all of the module leads for driving the innovations in Seam, especially the leads from the community. We enjoy working together (I hope), but most important we should be proud that we are creating something useful that benefits each of us and the greater community.



Dan Allen
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