Issue Type: Feature Request Feature Request
Assignee: Unassigned
Components: tooling
Created: 11/Dec/13 12:26 PM

Add support for debugging SwitchYard applications. The following lists what this might encompass:

  • Context view - displays SwitchYard context, including
    • Consumer
    • Provider
    • MEP
    • Phase
    • Context properties (including special views for things like labels)
    • Message properties
    • Policy state (e.g. transaction, security, etc.)
  • Breakpoints
    • Service/reference in/out/fault
    • Transformation in/out
    • Validator in/out
  • Step support
    • Step through the bus route (see CamelExchangeBusRouteBuilder)
Fix Versions: 2.0
Project: SwitchYard
Priority: Major Major
Reporter: Rob Cernich
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