Great; these answers will help me to move forward. Shall come back incase I need additional info.
I shall replace the loopback classes with the 5 template java classes I see on the Cdk connector for now.

On Tue, Dec 15, 2009 at 11:48 AM, Ramesh Reddy <> wrote:

Good questions.

> 1. <config-property> is defined as: description*,
> config-property-name, config-property-type, config-property-value?
> Will the ra.xml editor show a 4 column table only with the
> config-properties ? This would mean that we DO NOT show the whole xml
> in a nested tree.
I do not think showing the whole tree is necessary. Our main aim here is
to add "user" properties that are specific to the connector needed to be
added easily. Those are "config-property" section. So, if we can add
those through GUI that is enough to satisfy our need. You can leave
manual editing of "ra.xml" up to the user. We do not want hide the
resulting file either.

> 2. Capability to add/delete description, property-name, property-type,
> property-value which would update ra.xml on the fly.
Yes. Note that "config-property-value" denotes a "default" value
supplied by the user. Also, "config-property" can have multiple
"description" fields. May be you can let them add multi-line description
and add each line as one "description" element inside "config-property".
Here is sample block.

 <description>Is Immutable</description>
 <description>True if the source never changes.</description>

Note the "config-property-type", they can be any "java.lang" objects,
may be you want to provide a "drop down" selection on that field.

> 3. Do we need to validate schema restrictions ?
Yes/no, the ra.xml schema is defined by JCA 1.5 spec. You can find it

If we let user manually edit, Yes. Which I think we should.

> 4. Which properties class the get/set to be added ? Is the properties
> class generated if it's not in the workspace ?
The template will have a configuration class with name like
"". Check here for the template classes I
promised. I will keep them updated if any changes and let you know.

> 5. How to use the optional <config-property-value> attribute in the
> properties class ?

Properties call will only have getters and setters. By having the "config-property-value"
in the ra.xml file the container will automatically assign them on startup of connector.