The Designer team has been disconnected from the whole Eclipse CDK plug-in effort until fairly recently (our own fault due to poor communication issues).  Now that I'm aware of the effort, I think we need to make some changes.  At a minimum, the CDK efforts needs to be pulled into the radar of the other Eclipse tooling efforts (JBT and possible JBDS).  Since this is an Eclipse tool, it "belongs with" all of our other Eclipse tools in JBT regarding building, testing, packaging, and delivery.  Even from a community standpoint, having this project hosted via SourceForge somewhat hides it from that community, not to mention the JBT developers concerned with delivering a suite of tools that need to adhere to a number of guidelines to achieve a necessary level of quality and consistency.  Then there's also the consideration of what level of integration we may want with other tools without our suite.  Finally, we've also envisioned other possible tools for Teiid that would not fall under the umbrella of either Designer or CDK.

Therefore, I propose that we change several of our Designer components to be more generically "Teiid Tools" components.  We'd want the following: