I am new to teiid and have been investigating teiid mainly on teiid designer for 3 weeks. I am stuck on a problem I cannot seem to find solution, so asking the list hoping to get some guidance and advice on a possible solution.
Here is my scenario. We have a data collection server (i.e., irods server http://www.irods.org) installed on  rdgarchive.renci.org with teiid server also installed there. I know the host name and the directory of source text data files (including text description files) on this linux server that I want to add into teiid virtual database. I have teiid designer installed on another machine. I am able to use teiid designer to add source data model that connects to the text data files locally (i.e., the text data files are physically located on the same machine as the designer) and test the vdb and everything works as expected. However, I am not able to connect to the text files locately on the data collection server remotely. I know I do not have URL string in the text connector written correctly that describes location of the text description file. I tried ssh://rdgarchive.renci.org:11012/to/path/text_description.txt but it did not work. From the connector dropdown list, I see I can use JDBC and ldap connectors, but do not see connectors using ssh or http protocol. Could you let me know whether there is a way to connect to source data files remotely located in a linux server?
Thank you very much for any advice and guidance on this problem.