Thanks Ramesh,
Here are the details for extension point definition:
<extension point="org.teiid.cdk.core.connector">
     id="CDK_6.1.0" ----> Id field: Needs to be unique with respect to other cdk-dist plugin. This is the preferable format
     ver="6.1.0"    ----> Version # of the cdk-disk
     description="Teiid - CDK [6.1.0]"   ---> The description that appears on Java-Build-Path properties dialog box
     sdk-dir="teiid-6.1.0-cdk-dist">     ---> dir name of the cdk-distribution
     <classpath-jars>                    ---> Section for the jars those needs to be published and will be in the classpath for the cdk-connector projects
       <jar dir="/">                   ---> Specifies the following jars are located under /<sdk-dir>. The path are relative to /<sdk-dir>
          <jar-file name="teiid-connector-api-6.1.0.jar"/>                        ---> Jar file to be published
          <jar-file name="teiid-connector-sdk-6.2.0-SNAPSHOT-tests.jar"/>
         <jar dir="/lib">                ---> Specifies the following jars are located under <sdk-dir>/lib
          <jar-file name="teiid-connector-sdk-6.1.0.jar"/>
          <jar-file name="teiid-engine-6.1.0.jar"/>
          <jar-file name="teiid-common-core-6.1.0.jar"/>

The cdk-containers library attached during project creation can be changed after by right clicking on the project and then using Properties -> Java Build Path -> Libraries. Either double clicking on the Cdk Library or pressing the Edit button will bring up a dialog to edit it. A java project can also be attached manually to these cdk-libraries in similar manner.
The cdk-dist libraries are reversely sorted based on the version number. The default library is always the highest version available in the environment. This means if a project has been created with the default option and 6.2.0 happened to be the highest, then those jars will be used. However at a later date if a new version 6.2.3 is put in the environment; the system will automatically start using it. So if an user needs to stick to a particular version, s/he needs to use the specific version radio button and choose the desired one. The advantage of such a feature is getting benefits of both worlds; ie being able to automatically use the highest version and also being able to use a specific version without any manual intervention.
On Wed, Nov 4, 2009 at 9:29 AM, Ramesh Reddy <> wrote:
Congratulations! and great work on delivery of the project. I will take
it for test drive and let you know my feedback.



On Wed, 2009-11-04 at 02:49 -0500, Sanjay Chaudhuri wrote:
> I checked in the Cdk plugins for review. It's available from :
> Some details:
> 1. There are currently 3 plugin:
> - org.teiid.cdk.connector.v610 : Wrapper plugin for
> teiid-6.1.0-cdk-dist
> - org.teiid.cdk.connector.v620 : Wrapper plugin for
> teiid-6.2.0-M3-cdk-dist
> - org.teiid.cdk.core : Main plugin responsible for code generation and
> classpath injection
> 2. The wizard can be invoked from these perspective right-clicking on
> New in Package-Explorer:
> - JavaPerspective
> - JavaBrowsingPerspective
> - JavaHierarchyPerspective
> - J2EEPerspective
> 3. The wizard is self-explanatory for creating a CDK Projects
> 4. The sources can be imported, built and executed in eclipse
> workspace. The plugins had been tested with Galileo 3.5, 3.6
> 5. To build and deploy, the cdk wrapper plugins can be built and
> deployed as individual jars, however the cdk-core plugin must be built
> and deployed unjarred.
> 6. In order to test new cdk-distributions, similar wrapper plugins to
> be built and extension point to be used to publish jars. To understand
> the wirings, plugin.xmls from teiid-6.1.0-cdk-dist and
> teiid-6.2.0-M3-cdk-dist to be compared. All the jar paths are relative
> to the sdk directory location specified through the extension point.
> 7. Project names are converted to lowercase and prepended with the
> word "connector-"; so the project name, LoopBack, will be converted to
> "connector-loopback". Any new project with the same name loopback
> (case insensitive) cannot be furthur created.
> 8. Errors are currently logged using eclipse infrastructure. Most of
> the common project creation errors are handled.
> 9. Presently the following features are not available:
> - Maven container integration : The project currently cannot be built
> as a maven project; however the maven directory structure exist with
> necessary project setting for proper compilation in eclipse
> - CDK Preference
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