I checked in the Cdk plugins for review. It's available from : https://teiid.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/teiid/tools/cdk-plugin/.
Some details:
1. There are currently 3 plugin:
- org.teiid.cdk.connector.v610 : Wrapper plugin for teiid-6.1.0-cdk-dist
- org.teiid.cdk.connector.v620 : Wrapper plugin for teiid-6.2.0-M3-cdk-dist
- org.teiid.cdk.core : Main plugin responsible for code generation and classpath injection
2. The wizard can be invoked from these perspective right-clicking on New in Package-Explorer:
- JavaPerspective
- JavaBrowsingPerspective
- JavaHierarchyPerspective
- J2EEPerspective
3. The wizard is self-explanatory for creating a CDK Projects
4. The sources can be imported, built and executed in eclipse workspace. The plugins had been tested with Galileo 3.5, 3.6
5. To build and deploy, the cdk wrapper plugins can be built and deployed as individual jars, however the cdk-core plugin must be built and deployed unjarred.
6. In order to test new cdk-distributions, similar wrapper plugins to be built and extension point to be used to publish jars. To understand the wirings, plugin.xmls from teiid-6.1.0-cdk-dist and teiid-6.2.0-M3-cdk-dist to be compared. All the jar paths are relative to the sdk directory location specified through the extension point.
7. Project names are converted to lowercase and prepended with the word "connector-"; so the project name, LoopBack, will be converted to "connector-loopback". Any new project with the same name loopback (case insensitive) cannot be furthur created.
8. Errors are currently logged using eclipse infrastructure. Most of the common project creation errors are handled.
9. Presently the following features are not available:
- Maven container integration : The project currently cannot be built as a maven project; however the maven directory structure exist with necessary project setting for proper compilation in eclipse
- CDK Preference