Hello Francesco,

   thank you for your reaction and for filling the question. The benchmark was created in April '22 and the versions used match the date, but I'll update the benchmark to current versions and try to implement your suggestions. Let's move the discussion to https://github.com/FgForrest/HttpServerEvaluationTest/issues/1

Best regards,

Ing. Jan Novotný
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čt 30. 3. 2023 v 16:54 odesílatel Francesco Nigro <fnigro@redhat.com> napsal:
Hi Jan! Thanks for sharing!

I'm both a dev for few of the mentioned frameworks i.e. Netty/Vertx/Quarkus (and recently sent a PR for undertow, that's indeed very very good in HTTP 1.1 - you can check it here -> https://www.techempower.com/benchmarks/#section=test&runid=ef7991e0-35e3-4de1-94b6-1ac13e29b9c6&test=plaintext) and I've filled an issue in the repo of the benchmark with few suggestions.

thanks again,
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