Hi all,

I am really impressed by the throughput I am getting using standalone undertow server using non-blocking IO and what not.

Now, I have a use case where I need to maintain a per call thread level boolean flag which needs to be accessible from various parts of the code.
This flag is determined by an exchange attribute (say request header).

So the question is whether there is an easy and efficient way to get a reference to any exchange attribute (or the exchange itself) from anywhere in the code? I really don't want to rely on thread locals or custom caches to do this if there is a way to get a reference. Or if Undertow natively has similar functionality to set and retreive a thread level flags, I'd be happy to use that too.

PS: I am still going through list archives, but the UI to go through all of them is really tiresome :)

Girish Sharma
Civil Engineering,
Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur