First, great job getting a fix in for UNDERTOW-413 very promptly.

I saw that release 1.1.4-Final was finally cut, and pulled it off Maven into our dev system last night… and I’m still seeing the leak.


Verified my test setup, it is on undertow-1.1.4-Final  - jars for 1.1.0-Final were deleted.


It may be a week before I can definitively say if it’s improved at all or not, but it is definitely still leaking.   I’ve not yet identified a trigger for the leak, so I don’t have a good view on how serious it still is (that’s my next task here).


As the fix in undertow-1.1.4-Final didn’t solve this, I fear you may need an example I don’t have to provide.  I’m going to need a fix soon.


Ultimately I’m thinking of taking io.undertow.conduits.ReadTimeoutStreamSourceConduit.timeoutCommand, making it a named static inner class with a phantom reference to the conduit, which triggers handle.remove() when the conduit is GCd.  I’m not fond of using the GC as part of a queue cleanup mechanic, but I don’t know the undertow package well enough to try anything more sophisticated.


Before I get to trying that, I’m open to suggestions/advice.


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