Hi, everyone.

Now Undertow AccessLogHandler is not supported Response time(%D/%T), right?

I simply implemented it, but I'm not sure..


My code is

1) Add startTime:long field in HttpServerExchange
2) Initialize startTime and assign System.currentTimeMillis to it in HttpServerExchange#<init> 
3) Create ResponseTimeAttribute and its readAttribute return (System.currentTimeMillis - exchage.getStartTime)

Is it too simple?

I checked handler chain stack trace on WildFly Beta1.
(default I/O-3) io.undertow.server.handlers.resource.ResourceHandler.handleRequest(ResourceHandler.java:76)
(default I/O-3) io.undertow.server.handlers.PathHandler.handleRequest(PathHandler.java:90)
(default I/O-3) io.undertow.server.handlers.accesslog.AccessLogHandler.handleRequest(AccessLogHandler.java:93)

 <Some Handlers> -> AccessLogHandler -> PathHandler -> ResourceHandler

If PathHandler and ResourceHandler(or another process) take a long time, my idea doesn't work.