I think ELB constitutes pretty wide usage. ;-)

People do tend to use the layer-7 load balancing, but given undertow's extensive support for http/2 & spdy, the advantages of using layer-4 load balancing are significant. I agree it is a very straightforward implementation. You mostly just parse one line before handing off the logic to some other handler. I'm not familiar with undertow's code base, but I'd be happy to work with someone on it.


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ELB supports layer-4 load balancing, which would just multiplex inbound TCP connections (with an added bonus of offloading TLS), but I'm concerned about losing client IP addresses. ELB actually has a way to address this with HAProxy's PROXY protocol: http://www.haproxy.org/download/1.6/doc/proxy-protocol.txt

However, I haven't found a place for setting up the PROXY protocol support in undertow. Has anyone done this? Is there a way I should be going about it?

We should probably add support for haproxy's protocol if it has wide usage like this. It looks fairly straightforward.