On Fri, Nov 30, 2018 at 2:41 PM Marc Boorshtein <marc.boorshtein@tremolosecurity.com> wrote:
Thanks Stuart.  I need to avoid annotations since this will be configured dynamically.  I was wrong about the version, right now i'm on 2.0.9.Final.  I'm trying to create a websocket proxy.  I was able to get the ReceiveListener registered in Undertow and create a WebSocketClient.  I'm trying to pipe the data from the client through Undertow to the server, starting with a Text message:

protected void onText(WebSocketChannel webSocketChannel, StreamSourceFrameChannel messageChannel)
throws IOException {
PooledByteBuffer b = pool.allocate();
ByteBuffer buffer = b.getBuffer();
while (messageChannel.read(buffer) > 0) {
WebSockets.sendText(buffer, wsClient, null);

After reading through the unit tests i found BufferedTextMessage which did the trick.  Great having well written test cases, they've been incredibly helpful as I work my way through this.