You would need to write a custom handler to set the thread pool if you want to do this in Wildfly, however if you just want to limit the number of active requests in a given path you may want to just use the request limiting handler instead.

In WEB-INF/undertow-handlers.conf try adding something like the following:

path-prefix(/mypath) -> request-limit(10)

This will limit the number of requests that can be active in /mypath/* to 10.

If you actually need to use a thread pool and the request limit is not sufficient let me know and I can point you in the right direction.


On Fri, Dec 23, 2016 at 12:07 AM, Bill O'Neil <> wrote:
I only use undertow directly I haven't looked at Wildfly before so I won't be able to answer your question sorry.

On Thu, Dec 22, 2016 at 7:55 AM, tone randomnaja <> wrote:

And let's say if I had custom executor, how could I set the DispatchExecutor ? (from Wildfly point-of-view)
Could it be another module being placed inside system lib of Wildfly ? 

ps. I'm pretty sure, I'd not have done this within Application (EAR/WAR) itself ?

On Thu, Dec 22, 2016 at 6:43 PM, Bill O'Neil <> wrote:
This might be what you are looking for.

You can change the dispatch executor to your own custom executor before you call dispatch. This will allow you to have different worker pools and configure them per HttpHandler.

On Thu, Dec 22, 2016 at 6:16 AM, tone randomnaja <> wrote:
Hi there !

Undertow has `IO Thread` and `Worker Thread` configuration (<subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:io:1.1"><worker name="default".....) which could be bounded per Listener (<http-listener....).

In my case I have 1 Listenner (AJP) and 1 Application (EAR),
I'd like to be able to priority and manage Worker Thread base on some preferences, such as URL path.

Above for a reason of controlling the load of specific URL (under the same Web Context).

Any suggestions or ideas ?

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