I can't understand how "Write Timeout" works and when this timeout happens.
I am using undertow as part of WildFly appserver.
I can set Read Timeout as a small value (for example, 1 sec).
And then all request will be rejected and browser request will be marked as closed (i can see this status in browser dev tools).

But nothing happens when i set a small value for Write Timeout. All my request complete successfully.
I am using also "clumsy" for slow speed emulation.

I can see, that connection should be closed at break point: io.undertow.conduits.WriteTimeoutStreamSinkConduit.handleWriteTimeout
I see, that "IoUtils.safeClose(this.connection)" called, but nothing happens in browser.

Could you explain, please, how can i see the result of write timeout on server or client (prefered) side.