Thanks,  I will submit a pull request if I notice it anywhere else.

On Wednesday, September 17, 2014, Stuart Douglas <> wrote:
I will change EagerFormParsingHandler to call parseBlocking() if the exchange is in blocking mode.


Bill O'Neil wrote:
I have come across a few Handlers that dispatch to a worker thread these
include blocking handler, resource handler and the form parsing handler.

My specific use case was with the form parsing handler.  I had a bunch
of handlers chained together basically as follows.

Blocking handler -> ExceptionHandler -> FormParsingHandler ->

The form parsing handler would cause the handler to be dispatched a
second time to a new executor.  This made me lose the stack trace, and
the Exception handler was not catching an exception being thrown inside
of MyBlockingHandler.

I resolved this by basically cloning the form parsing handler and
calling the parseBlocking() instead of the non blocking parse().  This
is acceptable because I already dispatched to a non IO thread.

Should any handler that attempts to dispatch first check if the exchange
is in an IO thread before dispatching or is there a specific use case
for some handlers to always dispatch?


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