I am personally eager for the standalone CDI bootstrap because I am currently using Glassfish for my JEE 6 apps. 

Embedding a JBoss AS container is probably pretty inappropriate for tests of an application that isn't deployed to JBoss AS. 


On 12/27/2009 01:10 PM, Dan Allen wrote:

+1 on the standalone CDI bootstap. I think that was the real productivity boost for the CDI TCK effort.

The remote containers really aren't bad because it just stays running in the background and the only delay is the app deployment.

Aslak, does Arquillian start the remote server if it isn't already started like JBoss Test Harness did? That might be a really nice feature to get back in. I guess we can start w/ a JIRA for it. I'm thinking an option to start and another option to keep running or shutdown after suite (I'm on the road today so I can't add a JIRA.)

- Dan Allen

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On Dec 27, 2009 12:54 PM, "Aslak Knutsen" <aslak@conduct.no> wrote:

It's not 100% a Embedded issue, but Andrew is looking into something that could help. 

But the biggest problem is Jboss ASs startup time. 45 sec overhead pr test suite run is a bit to much.
The Reloaded project is trying to help here as far as I know.. 

First priority for Arquillian is a Weld SE/EE Mock container to speed it up, else for now i recommend using the remote containers.


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