It's not 100% a Embedded issue, but Andrew is looking into something that could help. 

But the biggest problem is Jboss ASs startup time. 45 sec overhead pr test suite run is a bit to much.
The Reloaded project is trying to help here as far as I know.. 

First priority for Arquillian is a Weld SE/EE Mock container to speed it up, else for now i recommend using the remote containers.


2009/12/27 Dan Allen <>
On Sun, Dec 27, 2009 at 12:31 PM, Johan Eltes <> wrote:
I'm happy to try out the Arquillian embedded container testing as soon as it is available.

Ah, so that is probably the #1 showstopper on the migration. I believe Aslak said there was a classloading issue. Aslak, is that something you have to wait on the AS guys to get around. Perhaps we can get ALR on it?


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