I was made aware of the difference on the return of beanManager.getBeans(Object.class) between OWB and Weld

In OWB, it returns all beans, unless there is an enabled @alternative within the application. If there is an enabled @alternative getBeans() only returns beans annotated @alternative.

However, in Weld, it returns all beans even with an enabled @alternative.

The JavaDoc for BeanMnanager says "according to the rules of typesafe resolution" and in the CDI 1.0 spec under typesafe resolution I find one mention of alternatives: “When an ambiguous dependency exists, the container attempts to resolve the ambiguity. The container eliminates all eligible beans that are not alternatives, except for producer methods and fields of beans that are alternatives.” (This text is also in the CDI 1.2 spec)

However this would imply that if there are no enabled @Alternatives an ambiguous resolution like beanManager.getBeans(Object.class) should discard everything. In this case, the Weld behaviour is incorrect. beanManager.getBeans() should only return the resolved or enabled beans.


Can someone verify this?
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