I've been seeing probe not initalized exceptions that occur on CDI 2.0 but not CDI 1.2, from what I can see when I debug into the issue the problem occurs in TransactionalObserverNotifier(ObserverNotifier).notifySyncObservers

In CDI 1.2 I see that the the ArrayList observers has two entries, the first being ProbeExtension.afterDeploymentValidation

In CDI 2.0 I see four entries, with the first being org.apache.myfaces.cdi.config.FacesConfigExtension

And when the afterDeploymentValidation method of
FacesConfigExtension is called the result is org.jboss.weld.exceptions.IllegalStateException: PROBE-000005: Probe is not properly initialized. I've attached a stack from that error:

And the source is on github: https://github.com/apache/myfaces/blob/master/impl/src/main/java/org/apache/myfaces/cdi/config/FacesConfigExtension.java

So what are the options here? I don't see anything under http://docs.jboss.org/cdi/spec/1.2/cdi-spec.html#after_deployment_validation saying that you shouldn't invoke beans during after deployment validation observers. A bit earlier in 11.5 it says "If other beans are injected into an extension’s observer methods, non-portable behavior results" but it's not clear if that refers to using the injected bean manager to lookup a bean.

Presumably if weld-probe needs to run first there's some code to ensure it does? Do we need to do something to integrate with that code, or avoid integrating myfaces?


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