Just to give everyone a heads up, we are in the process of renaming Weld Extensions to Seam Solder, bringing it under the Seam 3 project banner. The project will retain exactly the same focus as its predecessor and will continue to be portable to any CDI implementation. It just makes the distinction between Weld and Seam more clear.

Weld = implementing CDI
Seam 3 = extending and building on CDI (plus other goodies)

Rather than migrating all the resources, we are making a clean break (fork). If you are adding new features or fixing issues, please do so in Seam Solder unless there is some specific reason you are updating Weld Extensions.

All the resources can be found on the project page. For your convenience, I've laid out the key resources here:

Project page: http://seamframework.org/Seam3/Solder
Git repo: http://github.com/seam/solder
JIRA: http://jira.jboss.org/browse/SOLDER

We'd like to get a release out asap. However, before we do, we should fix any critical issues. Send your pull requests :)


Dan Allen
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