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The Seam Cron module has many providers and I'd like to test each
provider by reusing the same test suite (Arquillian), but just having a
different provider on the classpath . Kind of TCK style I think.

So I would have several provider projects, plus a tck project containing
all the common test classes. I guess then each provider project would
depend on the tck (scope: test) so that the tck tests, plus any of its
own unit tests are all run during that provider's test phase.

My concerns with this so far are:

1. I think I will need a test suite with the test classes in
src/main/java (rather than src/test/java) so that the provider can get
those classes onto its own classpath during testing. Will Arquillian
work OK like that (ie: does it have maven integration which specifically
looks under src/test/java only)?

No, there's nothing in there that I'm aware of that would prohibit this approach.
2. The classes in the test suite have a hard-coded @Deployment, and I'm
not sure how I'd go about customising that place a different provider
class on the classpath. I don't want to have to force my providers to
extend every test case just to customise the deployment.

You're @Deployment should be in the test class, but that doesn't stop you from having a base method that setup everything and just returns an archive you can add to, or even merge(...) in your @Deployement method.
3. Am I going about this all wrong?

Sounds like a good way to accomplish the task to me.
Cheers for any advice you can give me.

Pete R

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