Hi Matej

I reread your answer, and have another question - can Weld run in module path as auto module?

Среда, 9 мая 2018, 14:54 +03:00 от Matej Novotny <manovotn@redhat.com>:

Hi Alex,

in short, there is no official documentation on that because Weld runs in "classpath mode".

JDK 9 and 10 are short-termed releases and will have no special support.
JDK 11 is something we should be looking at and we are doing that (lately we added support to avoid illegal access there for instance).

When it comes to JPMS itself, the question is, in what environment are you running?
If it's EE (e.g. in a server like WildFly), then all magic needs to be worked on server side, pretty much.
I know WildFly already has some of it, but I am pretty sure at this point most servers won't fully support JPMS.

If in SE, then Weld itself is not defined as JPMS module and hence will end up in an unnamed module (Weld has no module-info).
There is no way we can avoid deep reflection on your classes (for instance to be able to intercept non-public methods), therefore you need to make sure your classes
allow us to do that (or rather to unnamed module where Weld resides ATM). Having done that, it should work.


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> Half a year has passed since Java 9 release. Can anyone say if there are any
> documentation,
> solutions etc how to work with JPMS in Weld?
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