Resteasy would like to address the following scenario with a default interceptor
that is executed after classes defined in an @Interceptors stmt are executed.

    For example a customer provides an EJB with a defined @Interceptors stmt.
        @Interceptors ({PostConstructInjectionEJBInterceptor.class})
        public class PostConstructInjectionEJBResource {
           private String t = "yz";

           public String get() {
              return t;

           public void setT(String t) {
              this.t = t;

Resteasy provides a CDI extension class, ResteasyCdiExtension.  This is where
I am trying to made the addition.  I've reviewed the Weld docs and tried
wrapping the class with an @Interceptor both with and without @Priority;
using WeldAfterBeanDiscovery's addInterceptor method all without success.

Would you provide advise as to how best to address this?