Right, but as far as I understand (and from personal experience) servlet containers don't honor @Resource and family. This is why I hate these servlet containers, because people notice these magic features don't work and so they seek out a container (like Spring) to solve their problem (inject a datasource for instance). So while the developer shouldn't be concerned, they need to be reassured that w/ Weld in a servlet container, they are going to get these injections, putting the onus on Weld to provide them.

(Frankly, servlet containers really muddy our message. But I also appreciate their simplicity and convenience.)

- Dan Allen

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On Nov 30, 2009 4:12 PM, "Gavin King" <gavin.king@gmail.com> wrote:

CDI doesn't do anything. The "container" whatever it is does all injection. Why is the internal impl of the container interesting to the user?

P.S. IMO, the spec more or less requires that the "EJB container", whatever that is, delegates back to the CDI InjectionTarget for all injection. So the sanest impl is to have the CDI impl do all injection. But these are details of no concern to the user.

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