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On Thu, May 21, 2009 at 6:56 PM, Mark Struberg <struberg@yahoo.de> wrote:
> short question:
>> * removing interceptor language from spec
> Hmm without interceptors, how should we handle @Transactional and stuff? Having interceptors in the standard is pretty convenient.

This got moved to the managed bean specification which 299 depends on.

What exactly is the "Managed Beans specification?"  It's referenced in two places in the spec.  Is it another JSR?  Where do we get a copy? The only specified "Managed Bean" I know of is in JSF...I presume that's not what's referenced here.


> LieGrue,
> strub
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>> Betreff: [webbeans-dev] Towards CR1
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>> All,
>> As you've seen, Gavin is approaching publishing the PFD of
>> 299; before the final draft can be submitted, we need to
>> complete both the RI and TCK. We're under quite a tight
>> schedule - we have around 6 weeks.
>> 1) Shane will update the TCK audit (which maps the spec to
>> the tests) to the current draft. Hopefully we will start to
>> see this coming through early next week. Once this is done,
>> we'll have a better idea of how much work there is to do.
>> 2) David will take the lead on updating tests to the new
>> TCK, with Shane working to help him. The order in which the
>> tests are done should be same as for the RI
>> 3) We'll do the major work on the RI in this priority
>> order:
>>    - New SPI
>>    - New bootstrap
>>    - decorators
>>    - New resource handling stuff
>>    - minor fixes and changes as a result of
>> the new spec language
>> If you want to take on any of the above, please shout now!
>> We still need clarification from Gavin/EG on:
>> * removing interceptor language from spec
>> * exactly how this inter-relates with the managed bean
>> spec
>> * exactly how we proceed when the RI supports a particular
>> function which requires container integration, and no one
>> container supports all integration points.
>> I don't plan any interim releases between now and CR1, as
>> releases take time, and we are under a tight schedule. These
>> changes don't generally impact the core functionality
>> (except around bootstrap), so I am confident that we don't
>> need another beta.
>> I do plan a reasonably long series of CRs to ensure that
>> the codebase is stable, I don't have a firm date for the
>> release yet. Once we enter the CR series, the 299 API and
>> the Web Beans API/SPI cannot change.
>> Thanks for all your hard work so far - getting to CR1 is a
>> major milestone!
>> Pete
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