Take a look at the Seam parent pom. It's based on the Weld parent pom but shouldn't have any snapshots

On Thu, Oct 20, 2011 at 12:27, Pete Muir <pmuir@redhat.com> wrote:
Hi guys

A couple of issues have been raised:

1) the current weld-parent-core has SNAPSHOT deps in them. These need removing. Ales, can you make sure to upgrade these for Weld 1.1.3? Then we can sync that.
2) We need to eradicate the JBoss repository eventually. I think most of the core deps are now in central (IIRC the main offender was the JBoss spec APIs, which are now in central). We can then remove the repo definition from the parent pom, and just insert it into the ones that need it (all the testsuite stuff). Joel is looking to see if we can exclude individual artifacts from the sync, if he can I recommend we just don't sync the test related artifacts, as they aren't generally useful. Ales, can you look into this for 1.1.3 as well?

Otherwise, Joel's analysis was that we were good to go, so if we get the above done, it should be straightforward to sync 1.1.3.

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