There is always the Weld User Forum:

Weld Test does exist:
but will be 'converted' to a Arquillian container:

Arquillian is a allover 'in container' test framework. Have a look at:

Junit demo code:

TestNG demo code:

Arquillian does not have any direct/standalone Weld support yet, but this is in the works and will be out soon. As for now, Weld can be used via the Jboss 6.0 Remote Container. 

Example of Weld + JUnit + Arquillian:

This is the basis of upcoming Seam 3 Test.

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2009/12/26 Johan Eltes <>
It would be great me and other users to get a weld-user list!
My major pain is to wrap my head around how to implement junit tests for cdi beans.
Having a place where users could get together to sort out essential issues for projects trying to use Weld, would be great. If anyone has a sample of a unit test that does not depend on anything else than weld 1.0.0 would be really great:

- How to have the test target object injected into the test case ?
... or...
- How to obtain an injected test target object from within the test case?

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