Why don't you import the package ("com.example.thirdpackage") within your bundle Bundle A too ?


Charles M.

On 30/05/15 14:53, Александр Свиридов wrote:

I use javase and solution osgi (felix)+cdi(weld)+paxcdi. I have two bundles A and B. Bundle B is a lib bundle.

In bundle A I have one class and one package.

package com.example.firstpackage;import com.example.secondpackage.Class2;publicclassClass1{@InjectprivateClass2 class2;}

In bundle B I have two classes and two packages

package com.example.secondpackage;import com.example.thirdpackage.Class3;publicclassClass2{@InjectprivateClass3 class3;}


package com.example.thirdpackage;publicclassClass3{....}

I install and start both bundles.

The problem - pax (or weld) for injecting in classes of bundle A scans only those packages which are imported for classes IN bundle A. In my example - CDI for injecting in Class1 Class2 will scan com.example.secondpackage of bundle B. However, it will throw exception as Class2 needs Class3 but com.example.thirdpackage is not scanned for bundle A (as it's not imported!!!). com.example.thirdpackage is only scanned for bundle B but, as I understand every bundles for cdi has its own scope. How to fix it?

Александр Свиридов

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