I just commited some code that change the injection done in TestCore to use Non-Contextual-Injection. This should fix the issues your having.


Do remember that Weld-Test will be 'replaced' by Arquillian, so don't put to much work into it.. :)


2009/12/27 Johan Eltes <johan.eltes@callistaenterprise.se>
org.jboss.weld.test.core.TestCore is used by the org.jboss.weld.test.junit.CDIRunner to inject the dependencies of the test case. However, it only supports injection of qualified fields. As a side effect, dependencies declared as concrete classes can not be injected, since qualifiers only make sense to interface/abstract dependency declarations:

package org.jboss.weld.test.core;

public class TestCore {
 private void injectField(Field field, Object target) throws Exception
      if (!hasBindTypeAnnotation(field.getAnnotations()))

      if (!field.isAccessible())
      Object injectable = getInstanceByType(field.getType(), field

      if (injectable != null)
         field.set(target, injectable);

Just wondering the value of this restriction?


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