I need to see a more realistic usecase. Why does subtypeimpl even need to decorate the method that was already decorated by basetypeimpl? 

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How embarassing, the first time I send a message to this list I accidently send it before I was done writing, sorry....
I would maybe call the third case a 'subBean".
I have also run into a problem regarding decorators of 'subBeans'.
The problem is that if I create a decorator of a subBean then I currently have no way of calling methods in the 'superBean'.
I imagine that the spec may have to be extended with a DI annotation like @SuperBean (@SuperBean like the @Decorates annotation only it is set to a reference that delegates calls to the superBean instead of the the next method in the current stack of interceptors for the subBean).
@SuperBean would be used somelike this this...
public interface BaseType {
    public String getDescription();
public class SubType extends BaseType {
@Decorator public BaseTypeImpl implements BaseType {
     public String getDescription() { return "BaseType"; }
@Decorator public SubTypeImpl implements SubType {
     @SuperBean superBean;
     public String getDescription() { return superBean.getDescription()+":SubType";
So, the following expressions should be true...
Bean baseTypeBean= ....;
Bean superTypeBean= ....

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On Thu, Nov 27, 2008 at 4:09 PM, Gavin King <gavin@hibernate.org> wrote:

> In case 1, it doesn't really make sense to inherit any web beans
> metadata to the subtype. In cases 2 and 3, it makes sense to inherit
> everything that is not explicitly overridden.

Minor clarification: in case 3, it does not make sense to inherit
binding types - rather, the user should be forced to *explicitly*
redeclare the binding types.

In case 2, binding types are inherited.

Gavin King
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