I noticed this hiding when trying to use Seam Persistence with AS7, it of course fails because it can not find the TransactionManager in JNDI, having the resource available somewhere that's easily accessible needs to be done for the reason(s) Ales mentioned and for Seam as well.

On Fri, Apr 29, 2011 at 15:26, Ales Justin <ales.justin@gmail.com> wrote:
IMO TransactionServices should also expose TransactionManager.

Since with AS7, which hides TM from JNDI, one cannot easily register XAResources:

  public boolean enlistResource(XAResource xaRes) throws RollbackException, IllegalStateException, SystemException

or suspending/resuming current Tx.
Specially XAResources handling is a must to be able to enlist if you're doing some non-trivial tx-based work.

This way the integration layer would make sure the TM is exposed as a CDI service.



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