Well today is your lucky day! :)

Just commited a Weld SE Arquillian Container 'preview'.. 
Preview because it's only tested with very basic CDI features. (and has a couple of know 'improvements' code wise)

The container starts a SessionScope pr TestCase and a RequestScope pr TestMethod.



I've added a new profile to demo and demo-testng: weld-se
Under the weld-se profile only the CDI example works(@Inject Local Stateless Session Bean)

mvn test -P weld-se -Dtest=com.acme.cdi.InjectionTestCase

If anyone is interested in contributing a bit more complex CDI example/testsuite, it's very welcome!

Enjoy and Good luck..... ;)


2010/1/5 Dan Allen <dan.j.allen@gmail.com>

For me, the upcoming weld standalone and embedded JBoss AS test implementations are much more compelling and I can't wait to try them out.

Without a doubt, I agree that this is the ideal solution.


Dan Allen
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