I can see something that might be a bug in weld. I attempted to work around
https://issues.jboss.org/projects/WELD/issues/WELD-2466 by using the@Typed annotation on a Producer Method to exclude the unproxiable Types and thus avoid getting caught by the failing isBeanProxiable check. However the annotation did not affect whether or not the ProducerMethod is proxiable. This might be a second bug.

I have uploaded a recreate application which I have verified against Wildfly 11.0.0 here: https://github.com/benjamin-confino/TypedProducerBug

To recreate you can download the pre-compiled binary from github, deploy it to a version of Wildfly without the fix for WELD-2466, and visit the url http://localhost:8080/WeldRecreateProducesExtendedAbstract/inheritance this will trigger a call to getInjectableReference() which will fail because the ProducerMethod for recreate.BeanProducer.produceBean() is not proxiable.

If you debug into constructor for ProducerMethod at line 76 you will see that the proxiable flag is set using method.getTypeClosures() ; which returns all the associated types, rather than just those specified with the Typed() paramater.

Is this the correct behaviour? Should a ProducerMethod be unproxiable even with Typed limiting the bean types to proxiable types?

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